If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

Fuse Or Bulb - Troubleshooting Your Own Car Lighting Problems

30 December 2015
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All of the lights on your car are protected by fuses, much as your home electricity is controlled by circuit breakers. The fuse stops a light from damaging the car should the bulb overload or develop a short. Most of the lighting problems you'll experience in your car are due to a burned out bulb or fuse. Here is how you can use that knowledge to fix most lighting problems in your car. Read More …

How To Inspect And Replace Brake Lines

24 November 2015
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You should inspect your brakes before the snow starts falling this winter. Brake lines are made out of steel, which can rust and break after years of usage. Salt on the roads during the winter can make the lines deteriorate even further and can lead to brake failure while you are driving. To protect yourself, you should check the condition of the brake lines to see if they need to be replaced. Read More …

Should You or Shouldn’t You Tip Your Tow Truck Driver?

9 November 2015
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You'd tip your waiter, your pizza delivery driver, and even your barista for excellent service. But should you do the same when it comes to your tow truck driver? Towing and recovery jobs can be tough, and a healthy tip often serves as a token of appreciation, but you're probably wondering if you're obligated in this instance to tip your tow truck driver. You Can, But You Shouldn't Feel Pressured To Read More …

What Are The Causes Of Auto Battery Drain?

26 October 2015
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Cold winter weather can be hard on auto batteries and charging systems, so you should check your vehicle before potential issues before you are stranded by a dead battery on a cold dark night. There are several problems that may cause your battery to fail to charge or to remain charged. Defective battery You auto battery may have just outlived its time and need to be replaced, or you could have a relatively new battery that is defective. Read More …

Why You Should Have Your Dealership Repair Your Car

16 October 2015
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If your car isn't operating properly and you need to receive fast and reliable car repairs, then you may want to consider using the site of your local manufacturer dealership to have your repairs done. Having repairs done at your dealership can be done quickly, and you may receive service for coverage that you may not have known you had. So, rather than visit a local repair shop, be sure to visit your manufacturer dealership for car maintenance, as you can receive many benefits, such as these: Read More …

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