what to car sounds mean?

If your car is making a funny noise, read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and provided you a solution to the problem.

4 Transmission Trouble Signs Every Driver Should Know

9 May 2019
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As a driver, you want to make sure you know all the signs that your vehicle is in distress. One of the systems you need to know the signs of distress for is your transmission system. Your transmission helps keep everything under your hood running smoothly, so you need to know how to keep things humming along and when to be concerned. #1 Unpleasant Burning Smell Your car should not smell like food has fallen on the bottom of your oven and is burning. Read More …

3 Tips for Transferring a Car Title

15 March 2019
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All vehicles that are in operation on roadways today are required to have a valid title. The title establishes the ownership of the vehicle. Some titles are issued directly to the driver at the time of purchase, while others are held by a financing company until the loan on the vehicle is paid in full. Transferring the title of a vehicle plays a central role in the buying or selling of a car. Read More …

Myths About Your Vehicle’s Transmission And The Problems It May Experience

18 February 2019
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An automatic transmission can make driving a vehicle a much simpler and easier task. Yet, this vital component of the vehicle is frequently one of the least understood components. This couple with myths about vehicle transmissions being common can make it harder for vehicle owners to effectively maintain their vehicle. Myth: Transmission Fluid Should Be Changed As Often As Your Oil It is vital for the transmission fluid to be in good condition or it will fail to provide the type of adequate protection from friction and other stresses. Read More …

5 Reasons Your Vehicle Isn’T Giving You The Gas Mileage You Expect

29 December 2018
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Many people purchase a car specifically because of the gas mileage that they are going to get out of the vehicle. When a vehicle is well taken care of, it should get the gas mileage that was advertised when you purchased the vehicle. However, a wide range of small issues can cause your vehicle not to get the gas mileage that you expect it to get. Here are five things you can look into if your vehicle isn't getting the gas mileage that you expect it to get. Read More …

Windshield Damage? 3 Safety Considerations Every Driver Should Know

3 November 2018
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Experienced drivers are usually very careful about most aspects of driving their cars because they understand that driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle is the best way to keep their family protected out on the highway. If their brakes feel a bit squishy or the motor develops an unusual sound, they are quick to schedule a checkup for their car with their favorite auto service shop. Unfortunately, however, these same drivers often postpone making repairs that they feel are cosmetic, such as a chipped or cracked windshield. Read More …

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what to car sounds mean?

I have an older car that is constantly in the shop. Yes, this car does cost me a bit each year to keep on the road, but what I pay in repairs is much less than what I would pay to buy a new car. I have learned a lot over the years of driving this car. I have found out what just about any sound means and what it takes to make those repairs. If your car is making a funny noise or two, take a minute to read through my blog. You might find that I have already experienced that sound and have provided you a solution to the problem.